High quality graphics, UX dedicated to XR but also working on web and mobile, new storytelling and expandability of the projects.

CinematicVR: We are ready to produce CVR content and carry out the entire production process. From the idea, through pre-production, set organization, shooting, editing and post-production of video and sound. 

XR application: We are ready to develop application in various technologies, dedicated to distribution on multiple platforms. 

It could be a configurator that automates interior design and displays a 360 screen effect that will also be playable on VR goggles. 

It could be a VR research platform that allows you to globally conduct user behavior or product research. 

It could be a virtual world in one of the SocialVR applications and promote products and generate large amounts of video content for use on SM channels. 

It could be a VR game, available on all VR platforms. 

The best solution is to build web and mobile application with extension to XR tools.

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