Our production portfolio includes XR applications and CinematicVR.

We have completed dozens of productions including films, theatrical productions, commercials, trailers, promotional materials, aplications, simulations and games.

We develop projects that are inherently designed to run on different devices. They are entirely hosted in the cloud and ready to scale on demand.  

On one hand we use UX that is proven on web and mobile devices and on the other hand it is ready to run on XR devices.

What is key for us is high quality graphics.

Ease of future development of the application is a must, but automation and machine learning is nice to have.

CinematicVR: We have extensive experience in CVR projects. Milestones in our activity were:

  • the world’s first series in CVR technology „Para nie do pary”, distributed in 8 countries on The series premiered in September 2016. For the production of the series, we initiated the creation of a high-sensitivity 360 camera, our own post-production pipelines and a universal video360 playback application.
  • In late 2017/18, the studio produced an innovative production of the 90-minute CVR experience „G.E.N VR” directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna in co-production with IAM and TR Warsaw.
  • In 2019, together with DiscoveryVR and TVN, produced the first ever episode of the acclaimed TV series „Kobieta na krańcu świata” in VR format. Before pandemic we distribute it in our VR cinema chain.


XR applications: We also produced several interactive VR applications and games, including:

  • „Virtual Revolution” VRchat world
  • „Zieta design” – Oculus Rift,
  • „Siemens Future Living Award” Oculus Rift, 
  • „Sorcerum” Steam VR,
  • „Be a Bee” interactive VR app Oculus Rift,
  • „Dark City” Oculus Rift,
  • „Horse Riding Jumping Master” Samsung Gear VR,
Since 2018, we have built 6 VR cinemas and VR zones. We distributed dozens of games and CinematicVRs in these spaces. Within two years, several tens of thousands of people visited. Unfortunately, a pandemic caused them to close.
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