We like to share knowledge​ and knowledge is the key to your success.

We have divided the workshop into three parts. 

FIRST STEPS – is a two hour workshop where you will receive basic but comprehensive information about the XR market.

BUSINESS – is a three hour meeting which includes the FIRST STEPS part, but in addition you will learn which parts of the XR market bring returns on investment,

BUSINNES PRO – is a six-hour workshop divided into two three-hour blocks. During the first one you will receive a large dose of BUSINESS information that will inspire you and your team to identify ideas on how to implement XR in your business. After a one-day break, in the second part we will describe your ideas and compare them with the opportunities offered by the market and technology. Finally, you will receive a presentation that will give you ideas that you can implement in your business.

Here is a list of topics covered at the workshop.


  • What is XR, VR and AR,
  • A brief history of XR
  • XR today
  • What the technology looks like
  • What the market looks like

Applications of XR:

  • In entertainment,
  • In business,
  • In journalism and film production,
  • In visualization of places and objects,
  • In architecture,
  • In research,
  • XR monetization opportunities
  • Monetization today
  • Device sales,
  • Games production, 
  • App production,


  • Monetization in the future,
  • Marketing,
  • Retail,
  • Communications,
  • Live Entertainment,
  • Applying XR to your enterprise or project:
  • How can your enterprise or project use XR and why?
  • Is it worth it from the perspective of your business model to invest in XR,
  • Do you have the right resources to benefit from XR?