XR manifesto


The biggest problem plaguing the world is climate catastrophe. It is caused by global warming, which is a result of high emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2. These are produced during the production, transport and use of all kinds of physical goods. These goods are produced because man feels pleasure in receiving new things.

We believe that we can save the planet from ecological disaster. 

We believe immersive technologies (XR) can help.

It is enough to use existing tools that allow us to „move” the acquisition of things or communication to the digital-virtual world. SocialVR applications for casual at events, conferences, or lectures. SocialAR applications to combined virtual objects with the physical world. These tools are ready now. 

Let’s save the earth from global warming together. 

Use the XR tools with us!  

Microsoft Hololens 2

Head tracking, Eye tracking, Microphone array, Speakers, Hand tracking, Voice Command, 6DoF tracking, Spatial Mapping etc.